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  • Turns out analytics is the answer

    on Jan 30, 15 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, CEM, News, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    Turns out analytics is the answer

    There are many problems that face telecoms operators today. Network congestion, investment challenges, dissatisfied customers, but probably the one that keeps CEOs awake at night is churn. Churn is proof positive that customers think that the service is bad enough that they are willing to jump ship. Last year, according to this article, churn was running at between one and two percent in the US last year. That may not sound like a problem but take a carrier with just 40 million customers – and you get the point. To counter this challenge, operators have

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  • Be afraid, its Data Protection Day

    on Jan 28, 15 • in Beyond Billing, News, Opinion, Privacy & Security, Slider • with No Comments

    Be afraid, its Data Protection Day

    Today, and every 28th January for the last eight years, we celebrate Data Protection, or Privacy if you are in North America, Day. Celebrating may be a strange term to raise awareness of one of the great threats of our times, but the press release about the threat made interesting reading. It seems we are stuck between the rock of regulation and responsibility and the hard place of wondering whether our identity has been hacked this morning. Add to this worry the fact that most internet users do not know what, and how much data

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  • Shopping today? It’s a blur

    on Jan 27, 15 • in Billing, News, Opinion, Payments, Privacy & Security, Slider • with No Comments

    Shopping today? It’s a blur

    If there was any doubt that mobile devices are becoming the way to shop, then erase it from your mind. Statistics abound. According to Juniper Research, even some months ago, purchases via mobile devices will exceed $700 billion by 2018. As everyone becomes comfortable with mobile devices big and small, it is entirely possible that this number will need to be revised. Upwards. One reason is that most of the stats cover the new phenomenon of webrooming, where customers can shop through their phones and either go and collect their purchases, or get them delivered

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  • Google goes boldly – virtually

    on Jan 26, 15 • in Beyond Billing, News, Opinion, Slider • with 3 Comments

    Google goes boldly – virtually

    There has been speculation recently that Google is already a communications provider, competing for the broadband accounts of a great swathe of customers in the US. It is also playing a game of chess in the payments game, where, according to industry sources it is about to buy the company that rhymed with crisis, ISIS, now called Softcard. The latest evidence of Google piling into the communications space is talk that it is becoming an MVNO. T-Mobile USA and possibly Sprint are in the frame as the networks favoured by Google. Not only will the announcement,

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  • The secret to better marketing and ROI – shout less, talk more

    on Jan 20, 15 • in Beyond Billing, Big Data, CEM, Digital Content, Featured, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    The secret to better marketing and ROI – shout less, talk more

    As any CMO in a telecommunications operator will know, when quarterly revenue targets aren’t being reached, the first thing to get cut is the advertising budget. It’s a quick win on the balance sheet and the CFO who most likely holds a thinly veiled disdain for marketing’s ‘excessive’ budget will be only too glad to cut the fat. For example O2 in the UK reduced their advertising budget from £55.5m in 2012 down to £41.3m in 2013. As organizations become leaner, they try to do more with less and this is especially true for advertising budgets, making

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  • In mobile – Intel is outside

    on Jan 19, 15 • in Beyond Billing, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    In mobile – Intel is outside

    On the face of it, it would seem quite difficult for an industry giant to lose money in a fast growing market that generated $3.3 trillion in 2014. But Intel managed it. The ‘mobile technologies’ industry generated that much, according to Boston Consulting Group. Meanwhile, Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group lost over $1 billion a quarter last year, compiling losses of $4.2 billion for 2014. This is strange. Overall, we should be clear, Intel is bouncing along nicely, with total revenues hitting $55.9 billion last year, up 22 percent on the previous year. Strangely, too, its Internet

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  • IoT – the Regulator cometh

    on Jan 16, 15 • in Beyond Billing, Big Data, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    IoT – the Regulator cometh

    As the hype around IoT and IoST heats up and the whole arena motors up Gartner’s hype cycle of massive expectations, a couple of barriers loom on the horizon. One is regulation and the other is data privacy. The gang at Machina Research cover the area in trench-like depth, but it is worth summarising some of their (and our own) thoughts. For example, the regulator(s) are going to have to address the thorny issue of roaming. For the connected car to work it will need to, er, travel where its driver wants to go. It

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  • Passwords are irritating, we need something else

    on Jan 15, 15 • in Beyond Billing, Opinion, Privacy & Security, Slider • with 1 Comment

    Passwords are irritating, we need something else

    How many passwords do you have? It seems that the answer to this question is either ‘one’ or ‘I don’t know, too many.’ The problem, of course, is that we need to be vigilant and up to date. And somehow remember dozens of login details. You have to wonder how many people a day click on the ‘forgot your password’ button next to the ‘enter site’ button. An embarrassing number. And then of course you have to enter a new password, so if you are in the ‘one password’ camp you are quickly no longer

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  • Customers paying bills via mobile

    on Jan 13, 15 • in Billing, NFC, Opinion, Payments, Slider • with No Comments

    Customers paying bills via mobile

    When we focus on mobile we tend to lean towards payments – and rightly so, since NFC based payments will be worth $130 billion by 2020, according to Strategy Analytics. But a survey conducted by Fiserv towards the end of 2014 shows that more households are paying regular bills via their mobile device. The trend is being led by the US – and by Millenials – but it is a wake up for operators to build this functionality into new billing platforms. 40 percent of the 65 million smartphone users in the US pay at

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  • What is communications anyway?

    on Jan 12, 15 • in Beyond Billing, CEM, Digital Content, Opinion, Policy Management, Slider • with 1 Comment

    What is communications anyway?

    Facebook is fast becoming YouTube’s main competitor. The number of video posts showing up in users’ timelines is up 360 percent since this time last year. This is interesting but is already causing unforeseen problems. Operators, already hurting from OTT players driving more and more data over their networks, are being squeezed even further. Some operators are having to take the hit as customers exceed data limits because in their minds, they are just checking Facebook, not watching videos, and the bill shock consequences are not worth airing in public. The situation is made worse by

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