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  • Wi-Fi’s winning ways

    on Oct 3, 14 • in Beyond Billing, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    Wi-Fi’s winning ways

    What would possess a leading tier one telco to roll out a massive national Wi-Fi network that would clearly reduce customer dependence on the existing 3G/4G/LTE infrastructure and, subsequently, revenues? It’s a valid question, especially when it is Australia’s leading mobile and fixed line operator Telstra, a company that invests heavily in the latest technology, undertakes massive transformation programs and continuously defies industry trends by increasing profits. Telstra seems adept at breaking the mold and it may be worth taking a closer look to see what logic lies behind this latest Wi-Fi move. If you

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  • Did the internet slow down for you?

    on Sep 22, 14 • in Beyond Billing, Opinion • with No Comments

    Did the internet slow down for you?

    Was it just me or did the internet actually slow down last week? And when I say ‘slow down’ where I am, it was terminally slow to be exact. I’m in France, a purportedly first world country that can manage, at best, to deliver 2 Mbps ADSL connectivity to me. Even in Thailand I was able to get 12 Mbps! It’s not that I live in a remote area either. My village is located 5 km from a major town and 20 km to two major cities. The two nearest villages boast speeds of

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  • Apple’s ‘token’ offering

    on Sep 17, 14 • in Opinion, Payments, Slider • with No Comments

    Apple’s ‘token’ offering

    It’s been a week since I wrote about the impending disruption Apple Pay would bring to the payments industry as a whole. It appears that after the initial excitement of the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcements died down, others turned their attention to the Apple Pay story and realized just what an impact it is likely to make. ZDNet’s Natalie Gagliordi reckoned Apple Pay “was either an innovative kickstarter to an industry struggling to reach critical mass, or an uninspiring riff on pre-existing technology that’s unlikely to move the industry’s proverbial needle.” Other

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  • The real jewel in Apple’s crown (and it’s not what you think)

    on Sep 10, 14 • in Beyond Billing, Opinion, Slider • with 2 Comments

    The real jewel in Apple’s crown (and it’s not what you think)

    What an anti-climax! Most of the predictions about the big Apple announcement were remarkably accurate. Bigger iPhones and the Apple Watch that looks remarkably like, well, a watch. Ho hum. But wait, there was some news, also predicted, but of much greater significance than the new hardware – Apple Pay. My esteemed colleague, Jonathan Jensen, also got excited but for a different set of reasons. Apple Pay is a masterstroke of genius that guarantees Apple a place in the finance and banking world, to go with its disruptive and, for a long time, dominant role

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  • Where will it all end?

    on Aug 28, 14 • in Opinion, Privacy & Security, Slider • with 2 Comments

    Where will it all end?

    The well-used term ‘location, location, location’ has always been linked to smart real estate buying, but it now has taken on a rather sinister alternative meaning, thanks to Google. In case you are unaware, your every movement is being tracked and recorded by the big G, whether you like it or not. Well, not your movements to be exact, more those of your smart device that is happily communicating your location day and night. My cousin stumbled on this after biking around Paris and discovering a Google site that showed not only all the places

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  • Nothing simple about it

    on Aug 14, 14 • in Billing, News, Opinion, Slider • with 2 Comments

    Nothing simple about it

    Buying big business systems, particularly for the back-office , has never been easy but are we making it a lot harder than it needs to be? When decision-makers in service providers and enterprises are confronted with a bewildering choice of options for their IT or back-office operations they often turn to research firms like Gartner and pay handsomely for information that they believe has been accurately researched and disseminated for their consumption by experts. Others turn to industry bodies that, for a fee, will check over software to ensure that it complies with whatever standards

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  • M&A madness

    on Aug 6, 14 • in News, Opinion • with No Comments

    M&A madness

    We are hearing of more and more mergers and acquisitions (M&As) taking place around the globe, particularly in the telecoms and digital space, but what does it all mean for customers, suppliers and employees? The argument for economies of scale are often used to justify or explain the swallowing up of one company by another, and you can ignore the clap-trap about mergers on an equal footing where both parties have an equal say – it just doesn’t happen. How many times has an acquired company been taken over because it has a great CEO,

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  • Home becomes HoT spot for IoT

    on Jun 27, 14 • in Beyond Billing, M2M, News, Opinion • with No Comments

    Home becomes HoT spot for IoT

    The home front has become the new battlefront to capture the hearts, minds and dollars of the connected generation. The battle to own the customer is definitely shifting to who owns the home because it has multiple connections that are growing daily with the explosion in M2M and connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) may need to be renamed Home of Things (HoT) if this continues. Even the Connected Car will join in when it’s parked in the home garage space. If you think I’m dreaming just take a look at the slew of

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  • The BillingViews Easter Guide to Customer Service

    on Apr 17, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, Opinion, Policy Management • with No Comments

    The BillingViews Easter Guide to Customer Service

    See if you recognize yourself from this ‘cut out and keep’ guide on how not to provide customer service. BillingViews decided, with regret, to change broadband provider. The reason for this is that the old provider of broadband could not, um, provide broadband. So the call was made, the deal was done and the date was fixed for the changeover. At some point during this day, the old provider would stop providing and the new provider would start providing. As you would imagine, the old provider stopped providing just before 9.00 a.m. Being just a

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  • Europe’s net neutrality ruling is in no one’s interest

    on Apr 8, 14 • in Beyond Billing, Featured Blogs, News, Opinion • with 1 Comment

    Europe’s net neutrality ruling is in no one’s interest

    EU parliamentarians voted last week for a far reaching net neutrality law that will bar telecom operators from charging extra for delivering faster services.   According to the press release issued by the European Parliament, “MEPs want clear rules to prevent internet access providers from promoting some services at the expense of others…internet access should be provided in accordance with the principle of net neutrality.” While mobile operators have been known to block or slow down OTT services such as Skype, most recognize that this is not what their customers want.  The success of services

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