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  • Stop the data pricing madness!

    on Aug 25, 14 • in Billing, News, Payments, Slider • with 1 Comment

    Stop the data pricing madness!

    It seems our recent plea for more clarity in data pricing has fallen on deaf ears, at least among U.S. wireless operators. AT&T’s ever-present Mobile Share commercials use celebrities like Chef Gordon Ramsay and former NBA basketball star Grant Hill to tell us how cheap its mobile plans are. Verizon has also jumped on board the data sharing bandwagon, while T-Mobile seems to make an announcement every other week regarding data plans and pricing that mostly serves as a publicity stunt and to tick off the competition. Sprint also succumbed to this game with its

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  • Clarity in data pricing – a ‘must have’

    on Aug 22, 14 • in Billing, News, Slider • with No Comments

    Clarity in data pricing – a ‘must have’

    The emerging discussion in the communications industry is how we get beyond data. Pricing data per megabyte, for example, does not make sense. Customers (even those who work in the communications industry) cannot tell you how much data a video consumes. Even an engineer would ask you technical questions about quality, jitter and who knows what. Uncertainty and lack of clarity brings only mistrust. And mistrust is exactly what customers do not want from their service providers. The good news is that there are more and more examples of data pricing that bring with them

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  • Has Amazon already won the mobile payments game?

    on Aug 21, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, NFC, Payments, Slider • with No Comments

    Has Amazon already won the mobile payments game?

    Small businesses and mom and pop shops have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to credit card payments. Already on thin margins, they are forced by the credit card companies to fork over a percentage of each card swipe and follow a dizzying fee schedule that can easily add up to a significant amount taken out of their bottom line. Then along came e-commerce payment companies that promised to simplify credit card processing for even the smallest businesses and bring them into the digital age. Square paved the way along

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  • Drop me a message when I can build my bank account

    on Aug 20, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, Payments, Slider • with No Comments

    Drop me a message when I can build my bank account

    I was thinking the other day about where retail banking should go next. However hard you look for the account package that suits your needs, you end up choosing accounts that have been designed by people who think they understand your needs – but of course do not. So why don’t banks let you build your own account package? You choose the features you want and see what the monthly cost is. You flex the features to find the right balance between features and cost. And of course you do all this via the bank’s

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  • BYOD ‘death knell’

    on Aug 19, 14 • in Billing Driven Opportunities, News, Policy Management, Slider • with No Comments

    BYOD ‘death knell’

    A recent court ruling in California could provide mobile operators with an unexpected revenue boost from billing. In short, the ruling states that companies must reimburse employees for work-related use of personal cellphones – the practice commonly known as BYOD (bring your own device). That alone may not seem an unreasonable thing, after all, staff should be reimbursed for work related expenses, but in the case of BYOD, there are a number of grey areas that many enterprises could find too difficult to address. The whole concept of BYOD has been quite a challenge for

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  • Customer service – how important is your call?

    on Aug 18, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, Slider • with 1 Comment

    Customer service – how important is your call?

    “Your call is important to us, please hold for the next available adviser.” This is normally the start of a frustrating period (anywhere from five to fifty minutes) when you start wondering just how important your call is to [insert name of company] that they keep you on the line, instead of answering your call. One interesting development, from EE in the UK, is to charge customers who want to jump the queue. For a fee of 50p you can actually be directed to the next available operative. At the expense – or greater frustration

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  • The key to mobile engagement lies in-store

    on Aug 15, 14 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, News, Policy Management, Slider • with No Comments

    The key to mobile engagement lies in-store

    We are more and more convinced that the future of telecoms operators lies in the hands of OTT players – and other partners. We are gearing up for the age of mutually supportive partnerships, smart platforms that enable that support and devices which are simply ‘windows’ into a total virtual world. We also discuss trust – and have convinced ourselves that if operators cannot become the customer’s trusted partner in the digital world, then it is ‘game over.’ Bombard customers with offers and they will switch off. Literally. But, as before, retailers are showing us

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  • Nothing simple about it

    on Aug 14, 14 • in Billing, News, Opinion, Slider • with 2 Comments

    Nothing simple about it

    Buying big business systems, particularly for the back-office , has never been easy but are we making it a lot harder than it needs to be? When decision-makers in service providers and enterprises are confronted with a bewildering choice of options for their IT or back-office operations they often turn to research firms like Gartner and pay handsomely for information that they believe has been accurately researched and disseminated for their consumption by experts. Others turn to industry bodies that, for a fee, will check over software to ensure that it complies with whatever standards

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  • Millennials help boost online bill payment

    on Aug 13, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, Payments • with No Comments

    Millennials help boost online bill payment

    We know that the younger generation of adults, whether you call them Generation Y or Millennials, is the force driving a lot of changes in technology. Whether it’s social media, texts replacing email or watching television on a tablet, this is the group that seems to be driving things forward. And that extends to banking, as Alex Leslie delved into here a few months ago. We also learned that this generation is more receptive to the possibilities of mobility, including banking and payments, as we saw in our recent discussion of branchless banking. That trend

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  • OTT players ready to collaborate – but what’s in it for them?

    on Aug 12, 14 • in Billing, News • with No Comments

    OTT players ready to collaborate – but what’s in it for them?

    Our industry is, at last, thinking outside the box. In fact, almost every part of the industry seems to be focused on climbing out of their own box and getting into someone else’s. There doesn’t seem to be a communications player not trying to get into payments, for example, including – we are now beginning to believe – Apple. Why? Because, as Charmaine Oak puts it so well, “payments constitute that magic ingredient that can enable the provider to acquire and retain customers across multiple channels.” Collaboration with those erstwhile enemies the Over the Top

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