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  • Customer service needs common sense not aggression

    on Jul 23, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, Policy Management • with No Comments

    Customer service needs common sense not aggression

    It is one thing to do an exit interview, in order to gain feedback from unhappy customers. They are, after all, more likely to be honest and therefore the information is more likely to be of real value. It is quite another to put in the bully boys to try and persuade people to stay with your company. This ‘exit interview’ which, when it became clear it was anything but, was taped, has now been listened to by over four million people. It will have damaged Comcast quite a lot. Not only does it demonstrate

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  • No VoIP for you!

    on Jul 22, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News • with No Comments

    No VoIP for you!

    There’s a reason why Skype, Viber, Facetime and other voice services that bypass the cellular network are so popular. People don’t want to risk using up their precious minutes and getting slapped with an overage charge, and they feel they can get a better experience without all of the baggage and hassle that seems to come with traditional mobile operators. For the most part, mobile operators have taken the ‘grin and bear it’ attitude, albeit through clenched teeth. But that’s not always the case as some customers in the Caribbean recently learned the hard way

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  • Context aware marketing – music to our ears?

    on Jul 21, 14 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, Big Data, CEM, News • with No Comments

    Context aware marketing – music to our ears?

    Research house Berg Insight predicts that mobile advertising will grow from almost €7 billion a couple of years ago to €28 billion in 2018. We believe that this is completely feasible – as long as we do not get a critical balance wrong. That balance is centred around trust and engagement. Bombard a customer with ‘special offers’ and he will switch off. Literally. Get the context wrong – we liked the example of getting a special offer of a free cooling drink from a bar, but you are on a train that does not stop

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  • Connected cars on the shopping list of 70 percent of owners

    on Jul 18, 14 • in Beyond Billing, M2M, News • with No Comments

    Connected cars on the shopping list of 70 percent of owners

    Normally we would love a press release that says connected cars are the Next Big Thing. We would immediately fire up the ‘punometer,’ roll up our sleeves and get ready to link the piece to our favourite image of, er, a car connected to the ground – but not in a good way. A report from Telefonica Digital, however, made us reel in our natural enthusiastic cynicism and read on. They surveyed 5,000 car owners, manufacturers and seven markets to figure out what car owners actually want from their connected car, if connected car they want

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  • A new African roaming alliance leads the way

    on Jul 17, 14 • in Billing, News • with No Comments

    A new African roaming alliance leads the way

    “In Africa,” said Bill Clinton several years ago, “for every million new mobile subscribers a country will add one percent to its GDP.” “In my country,” said the head of BSS for Vodafone Nigeria several years ago, “every time we turn on a new switch it is swamped within the hour.” Mobile technology is having an amazing effect on the economies of Africa. Traditional lifestyles are being thrown out and economies are booming or beginning to boom. M-pesa is held up as one of the success stories of the decade and carriers are trying to

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  • Starbucks Mobile Checkout – frictionless?

    on Jul 16, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, NFC, Payments • with No Comments

    Starbucks Mobile Checkout – frictionless?

    Jonathan Jensen recently highlighted the theme of friction in payments and the importance of focusing on the customer experience.  I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments.  I began to consider my own experience with mobile payments.  Over the past few years, I’ve tried plenty of mobile wallets, payment apps and peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solutions.  I’ve even gotten excited about a few.  But, alas, the only mobile payment app I use consistently is the Starbucks app for my daily brew.  And, I would argue I’m not alone here.   Starbucks is an industry leader in both usage

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  • M2M – the future is already here

    on Jul 15, 14 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, M2M, News • with No Comments

    M2M – the future is already here

    We tend to talk about M2M, or IoT, in the future tense. We tend to think of it as discussion material at conferences. We remember, through a cloud of pain and claustrophobia, that cars seemed to outnumber people on some of the stands at the Mobile World Congress. This “technology slice through almost all of the markets on earth” is already here and growing. Vodafone now does an annual survey to keep track of its progress. This year, the company surveyed 600 executive across a broad range of industries and found that 22 percent of

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  • Billing software update goes from bad to worse

    on Jul 14, 14 • in Billing, News • with No Comments

    Billing software update goes from bad to worse

    In the hypercompetitive world of mobile services, one small misstep can mean huge trouble for carriers. And in the case of Verizon last month, a giant error could have lingering effects. For at least 24 hours at the end of June – and longer in some cases – the carrier’s billing system went offline for customers – and potential customers – in large swaths of the U.S. Customers couldn’t login to Verizon’s online portal to view their bills and make payments, and even worse there were issues with activating new customers. Some even reported problems

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  • Revenue risk – who cares?

    on Jul 11, 14 • in Billing, News, Revenue Assurance • with No Comments

    Revenue risk – who cares?

    Despite the telecoms industry’s supposed maturity and expertise at being able to charge and bill correctly for any type of service it still manages to make headlines when it ‘stuffs up.’ And it is ‘stuffing up’ regularly! The latest round of ‘look how telcos get it wrong’ news featured T-Mobile, the ‘uncarrier’ scoring a bulls-eye with claims that it had ‘crammed’ its subscribers and ‘creamed’ millions of dollars from them in the process. There was also Verizon’s problems with its My Verizon portal that barred thousands of its customers and some of its retail stores

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  • FTC to T-Mobile: Cram this!

    on Jul 10, 14 • in Billing, News, Payments • with No Comments

    FTC to T-Mobile: Cram this!

    While T-Mobile has been busy becoming the ‘Uncarrier,’ it’s been leading a double life. The carrier that’s been going out of its way to show it’s not your typical carrier – including eliminating overage fees and not charging streaming music against data plans – has been accused by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of cramming. And this isn’t just a case of a few errant bills that contained billing mistakes; the FTC claims that T-Mobile charged customers for third-party ‘premium’ SMS services that in many cases were never authorized by customers in the first place

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