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  • Turns out analytics is the answer

    on Jan 30, 15 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, CEM, News, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    Turns out analytics is the answer

    There are many problems that face telecoms operators today. Network congestion, investment challenges, dissatisfied customers, but probably the one that keeps CEOs awake at night is churn. Churn is proof positive that customers think that the service is bad enough that they are willing to jump ship. Last year, according to this article, churn was running at between one and two percent in the US last year. That may not sound like a problem but take a carrier with just 40 million customers – and you get the point. To counter this challenge, operators have

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  • Be afraid, its Data Protection Day

    on Jan 28, 15 • in Beyond Billing, News, Opinion, Privacy & Security, Slider • with No Comments

    Be afraid, its Data Protection Day

    Today, and every 28th January for the last eight years, we celebrate Data Protection, or Privacy if you are in North America, Day. Celebrating may be a strange term to raise awareness of one of the great threats of our times, but the press release about the threat made interesting reading. It seems we are stuck between the rock of regulation and responsibility and the hard place of wondering whether our identity has been hacked this morning. Add to this worry the fact that most internet users do not know what, and how much data

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  • Shopping today? It’s a blur

    on Jan 27, 15 • in Billing, News, Opinion, Payments, Privacy & Security, Slider • with No Comments

    Shopping today? It’s a blur

    If there was any doubt that mobile devices are becoming the way to shop, then erase it from your mind. Statistics abound. According to Juniper Research, even some months ago, purchases via mobile devices will exceed $700 billion by 2018. As everyone becomes comfortable with mobile devices big and small, it is entirely possible that this number will need to be revised. Upwards. One reason is that most of the stats cover the new phenomenon of webrooming, where customers can shop through their phones and either go and collect their purchases, or get them delivered

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  • India turns to corner shops, mobile phones for banking revolution

    on Jan 27, 15 • in News, Payments, Slider • with No Comments

    India turns to corner shops, mobile phones for banking revolution

    By Douglas Busvine and Devidutta Tripathy NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) – India is betting that mobile phone vendors, fuel stations and corner stores can help it put basic banking within the grasp of hundreds of millions of its poor people living beyond the reach of traditional bank branches. The clock is ticking down to a Feb. 2 deadline for applications to set up so-called payments banks under new rules that would allow successful bidders to offer services such as remittances and deposits, but not loans. The regulations announced by the central bank, the Reserve Bank of

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  • Google goes boldly – virtually

    on Jan 26, 15 • in Beyond Billing, News, Opinion, Slider • with 3 Comments

    Google goes boldly – virtually

    There has been speculation recently that Google is already a communications provider, competing for the broadband accounts of a great swathe of customers in the US. It is also playing a game of chess in the payments game, where, according to industry sources it is about to buy the company that rhymed with crisis, ISIS, now called Softcard. The latest evidence of Google piling into the communications space is talk that it is becoming an MVNO. T-Mobile USA and possibly Sprint are in the frame as the networks favoured by Google. Not only will the announcement,

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  • No rollover for some

    on Jan 23, 15 • in Billing Driven Opportunities, News, Slider • with No Comments

    T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere must have read all the books on how to disrupt a market in the hope that it will bring his company somewhere closer to the heights his main competitors (Verizon and AT&T) have reached. And you have to give him full marks for trying, even if his methods are sometimes a little, well, unconventional. In December he boldly claimed he could and would do things for his customers that his competitors either couldn’t do or were too greedy to do (see video) by offering access to online music services at

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  • Google moves in the payments game

    on Jan 22, 15 • in News, NFC, Payments, Privacy & Security, Slider • with No Comments

    Google moves in the payments game

    While the focus has been firmly on Apple and the expectation is that it has the upper hand in the payments world, do not write off other players. The latest twist is rumoured to be coming from Google, as they apparently want to get hold of Softcard, the company formerly known as ISIS (rhymes with crisis) about which we have been, let’s face it, less than polite. Presumably the reason is partly because it is cheap, at $50 million. It is, or was until employees were told to down tools until a buyer was found,

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  • Pricing wars – desperation in the morning?

    on Dec 16, 14 • in Beyond Billing, News, Slider • with No Comments

    Pricing wars – desperation in the morning?

    No-one is under any illusion that the situation in the United States is becoming ever tenser. The battle to keep customers is forcing carriers to try tactics that seem seriously deranged. Just last week Sprint launched its ‘cut your bill in half’ which was analysed by our sister publication, DisruptiveViews – conclusion: the deal was not as simple as it seemed at first glance. The gauntlet has been laid down. Now, the Wall Street Journal (reported here – no paywall) has reported that the largest carriers in the US have lost $45 billion in value in the last

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  • Billing market growing – but questions remain

    on Dec 15, 14 • in Billing, Cloud Billing, News, Slider • with No Comments

    Billing market growing – but questions remain

    An obviously very comprehensive report has just been published on the ‘state of the billing market.’ The report, by Information Communication Technology predicts that the market for a wide range of communications billing – and revenue management – software will grow from $7.80 billion in 2014, to $11.78 billion by 2019. This is clearly good news. According to the summary, the demand is driven by “subscriber growth in developing countries, and improved customer experience with real-time charging information.” The biggest share of the market will come from Asia Pacific, followed by Europe and the Middle East

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  • DDoS downs BillingViews

    on Dec 11, 14 • in News • with No Comments

    DDoS downs BillingViews

    On Wednesday afternoon at 4pm EST an unknown third party initiated a DDoS attack on our domain host’s (1&1) DNS infrastructure. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to attribute internet addresses such as “” to IP numbers, similar to a telephone book. During the coordinated attack, many widely spread computers (also known as bot net) sent several hundred thousand requests per second to the 1&1 DNS servers. The attack resulted in reduced availability on some of 1&1’s hosting services (such as shared hosting, MyWebsite, servers, e-mail, control panel) including BillingViews and sister publication, DisruptiveViews. 1&1 engineers swiftly

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