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  • Advertising – predicting or persuading behaviour?

    on Dec 17, 14 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, Interviews, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    Advertising – predicting or persuading behaviour?

    If communications service providers are to get to grips with the ideas around context based offers, it is important to understand what is already possible. And how advertising works now. In order to make a start, we decided to call an old friend, Alex Shifrin, CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi in Moscow.   BV: Alex, our industry is trying to understand how to offer context based, almost predictive based services to their customers. What is possible right now? AS: Actually, there’s nothing really new to the concept of predictive advertising. Advertising is normally used to

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  • Ian Sparkes from Swisscom on real-time charging

    on Oct 28, 13 • in Interviews, Video • with No Comments

    Ian Sparkes is Swisscom’s architect for real-time charging. He shares his company’s experiences installing a strategic real-time charging platform starting with addressing the pain points, like bill shock, and how they plan to manage the data explosion. Ian is clear that customer self-care is part of real-time charging and he explains why

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  • Jim Morrish from Machina Research talks M2M

    on Oct 23, 13 • in Billing, Interviews, M2M, Video • with No Comments

    Telcos are having to reach outside their traditional markets for growth. M2M is an option. It typically doesn’t use a lot of data but it involves a lot of new relationships and this could be a challenge for some operators. Here what else Jim and Machina foresee

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  • IDC’s Mark Winther talks data monetization

    on Oct 21, 13 • in Beyond Billing, Interviews, Opinion, Video • with No Comments

    Monetizing data is a real challenge. Operators are starting to get more sophisticated marketing refined products. Tiered data plans are great for customers and operators but bring their own set of problems to administer. Real-time, ad hoc offers are coming

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  • Social network becomes MVNO

    on Oct 17, 13 • in Beyond Billing, Interviews, Video • with No Comments

    Whilst most mobile network operators might aspire to become as popular as social networking sites, the exact opposite has happened in Spain. The country’s most popular social site, tuenti, became an MVNO  and has never looked back. Steve James, head of marketing at tuenti movil tells us how this came about

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  • Are we confusing customers again?

    on Oct 14, 13 • in Billing, Interviews, Video • with 2 Comments

    Alex Leslie, Publisher of Billing Views, is interviewed at Informa’s NG BSS and Pricing Mobile Data events in London. He discovers that data is not a product and that telcos are still confusing customers with data pricing options

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  • Bill Shock or BS – you decide.

    on Jul 10, 13 • in Billing, Interviews, Opinion, Video • with 1 Comment

    When a respected technology journalist becomes spokesman for a consumer group you have to wonder if his objectivity can be retained. In this interview, Asher Moses, the new spokesperson for consumer group, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), is asked the reasons why ‘bill shock’ still happens and whether new requirements for mobile phone providers in Australia to alert customers about the extra expenses they will incur while their phone is roaming on overseas networks wil solve the problem Understandably, he lays the blame for roaming bill shock squarely at the feet of the operators, but some

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  • Redknee grows

    on May 10, 13 • in Billing, Interviews, News, Video • with No Comments

    Redknee has been making headlines with its bold acquisition of NSN’s BSS business. Tony Poulos recently quizzed Redknee CEO, Lucas Skoczkowski on what can be expected from the new combined entity. Video courtesy Juliet Media and

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  • Analytics Finds Late Payers Are Great Customers

    on Jan 14, 13 • in Analytics, Interviews, News • with No Comments

    If you’re one of those people that always pays your bill late, but in full, your service provider loves you. See, that late fee you end up paying is pure profit. It makes you an extra special customer. So operators of all sorts want to be smarter about making a distinction between you – the extra profitable customer – and the delinquent payers who end up being disconnected. If you’re paying a late fee, you’re basically upping your ARPU without consuming any extra services. And chances are pretty good that if you’re treated well, you

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  • Real-Time Imbues Billing with New Purpose

    on Nov 14, 12 • in Billing Driven Opportunities, Interviews, Policy Management • with No Comments

    You know how some people look like zombies after too much plastic surgery? That’s kind of like billing. Coming out of the recent ETIS gathering in Athens, my esteemed colleague Mr. Leslie proposed that with the rise of real-time will come the death of post-paid billing as we’ve known it.  Could be. But I wondered if maybe real-time technology actually could breathe new life into billing. So, I jumped on the phone with MATRIXX Software CEO Dave Labuda to try and figure it out. First, Labuda points out that real-time billing is still typically housed

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