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  • Advertising – predicting or persuading behaviour?

    on Dec 17, 14 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, Interviews, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    Advertising – predicting or persuading behaviour?

    If communications service providers are to get to grips with the ideas around context based offers, it is important to understand what is already possible. And how advertising works now. In order to make a start, we decided to call an old friend, Alex Shifrin, CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi in Moscow.   BV: Alex, our industry is trying to understand how to offer context based, almost predictive based services to their customers. What is possible right now? AS: Actually, there’s nothing really new to the concept of predictive advertising. Advertising is normally used to

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  • It is no joke – there’s a Cloud in the Boardroom

    on Apr 4, 14 • in Billing, Cloud Billing, In Depth, News • with No Comments

    It is no joke – there’s a Cloud in the Boardroom

     When Forbes reports on a quiet, Boardroom led revolution called Agile Billing you have to sit up and pay attention. There is, says the article, a perfect storm of forces at work that is pushing major change across the business. The eternal pressure to reduce cost has not let up, even in the face of an almost equal pressure to improve customer experience, innovate with pricing and launch services in time frames unheard of three years ago. The philosophical arguments about the Cloud will rumble on for years but the truth is that companies are being

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  • How to build a Customer Experience Framework – and make it part of ‘business as usual’.

    on Dec 28, 13 • in Billing Driven Opportunities, Digital Content, In Depth • with No Comments

    How to build a Customer Experience Framework – and make it part of ‘business as usual’.

    How do customers feel after their CEX with you? I recently lead a project with a major public transport provider to develop a Customer Experience Framework for their capital city commuter service. What struck me was that a railway is a service business just the same as telco is a service business; and there are lessons we can learn. In many industries, Customer Experience (CEX) is a ‘science’, particularly in service industries. Yet so many companies still get it wrong. Terms such as customer service, customer care, customer management and even customer experience are discussed

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  • Ian Sparkes from Swisscom on real-time charging

    on Oct 28, 13 • in Interviews, Video • with No Comments

    Ian Sparkes is Swisscom’s architect for real-time charging. He shares his company’s experiences installing a strategic real-time charging platform starting with addressing the pain points, like bill shock, and how they plan to manage the data explosion. Ian is clear that customer self-care is part of real-time charging and he explains why

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  • Jim Morrish from Machina Research talks M2M

    on Oct 23, 13 • in Billing, Interviews, M2M, Video • with No Comments

    Telcos are having to reach outside their traditional markets for growth. M2M is an option. It typically doesn’t use a lot of data but it involves a lot of new relationships and this could be a challenge for some operators. Here what else Jim and Machina foresee

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  • IDC’s Mark Winther talks data monetization

    on Oct 21, 13 • in Beyond Billing, Interviews, Opinion, Video • with No Comments

    Monetizing data is a real challenge. Operators are starting to get more sophisticated marketing refined products. Tiered data plans are great for customers and operators but bring their own set of problems to administer. Real-time, ad hoc offers are coming

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  • Social network becomes MVNO

    on Oct 17, 13 • in Beyond Billing, Interviews, Video • with No Comments

    Whilst most mobile network operators might aspire to become as popular as social networking sites, the exact opposite has happened in Spain. The country’s most popular social site, tuenti, became an MVNO  and has never looked back. Steve James, head of marketing at tuenti movil tells us how this came about

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  • Are we confusing customers again?

    on Oct 14, 13 • in Billing, Interviews, Video • with 2 Comments

    Alex Leslie, Publisher of Billing Views, is interviewed at Informa’s NG BSS and Pricing Mobile Data events in London. He discovers that data is not a product and that telcos are still confusing customers with data pricing options

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  • Charging is the Key to Innovation in the Digital Economy

    on Aug 26, 13 • in Billing, In Depth, News • with 2 Comments

    Charging is the Key to Innovation in the Digital Economy

    An in-depth report from real-time charging provider, Openet, provides one of the clearest maps yet of operators’ intentions for the digital world. ‘Charging and Billing for the Digital Economy’ covers five key areas – the future of traditional billing; reducing time to market linked to innovation; loyalty strategies; future charging models and the issues surrounding cloud based billing. Some of the findings back up the discussions already going on in the market, others point in new directions. The conclusion is that, when it comes to real-time, the game is on. There is a widely held

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  • The Extreme Billing Challenge Part 1: Is your Revenue Assurance Process better than Seven Sigma?

    on Jul 17, 13 • in Billing, In Depth, News, Opinion, Policy Management, Revenue Assurance • with No Comments

    The Extreme Billing Challenge Part 1: Is your Revenue Assurance Process better than Seven Sigma?

    This is the first in a series of articles where we are looking at “extreme” billing. What, you might ask, is extreme billing?  It is, essentially, a case study where the billing process performs at the extreme end of the capabilities of the people, software and technology who run the billing process. We start with a case recently found in Europe which is performed on behalf of a fixed-line voice provider. The measure is one of Revenue Assurance.  Local laws from the UK regulator, Ofcom, requires that calls are accurate to within +0.004% (or 1/25,

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