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  • Is sponsored data dead in the water?

    on Jan 21, 15 • in Beyond Billing, Digital Content, Slider • with 1 Comment

    Is sponsored data dead in the water?

    Mobile operators are famous for coming up with new and interesting business models and schemes to try to siphon customers away from the competition. T-Mobile’s ‘Uncarrier’ initiative is a great example, as is Sprint’s seemingly constant revamping of its family plans. AT&T is also making bold moves, most recently with its rollover data plan that automatically sends unused bytes from one month over to the next, with the catch that it expires after one month. But another one of AT&T’s bright ideas hasn’t been received with open arms: sponsored data. The concept is relatively simple

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  • The secret to better marketing and ROI – shout less, talk more

    on Jan 20, 15 • in Beyond Billing, Big Data, CEM, Digital Content, Featured, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    The secret to better marketing and ROI – shout less, talk more

    As any CMO in a telecommunications operator will know, when quarterly revenue targets aren’t being reached, the first thing to get cut is the advertising budget. It’s a quick win on the balance sheet and the CFO who most likely holds a thinly veiled disdain for marketing’s ‘excessive’ budget will be only too glad to cut the fat. For example O2 in the UK reduced their advertising budget from £55.5m in 2012 down to £41.3m in 2013. As organizations become leaner, they try to do more with less and this is especially true for advertising budgets, making

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  • What is communications anyway?

    on Jan 12, 15 • in Beyond Billing, CEM, Digital Content, Opinion, Policy Management, Slider • with 1 Comment

    What is communications anyway?

    Facebook is fast becoming YouTube’s main competitor. The number of video posts showing up in users’ timelines is up 360 percent since this time last year. This is interesting but is already causing unforeseen problems. Operators, already hurting from OTT players driving more and more data over their networks, are being squeezed even further. Some operators are having to take the hit as customers exceed data limits because in their minds, they are just checking Facebook, not watching videos, and the bill shock consequences are not worth airing in public. The situation is made worse by

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  • Another reason to leave your wallet at home

    on Dec 23, 14 • in Beyond Billing, Digital Content, Privacy & Security, Slider • with No Comments

    Another reason to leave your wallet at home

    The next time you get pulled over by a cop for a traffic violation – which we hope isn’t a common occurrence – you may be showing the officer your driver’s license from your smartphone if you live in Iowa, which will likely be the first American state to issue digital driver’s licenses. No more fumbling for your wallet or through your purse for a license that may actually be sitting at home or between the driver’s seat and gear shift, the new law makes it easier than ever to produce identification on demand. We

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  • Google plays well with direct operator billing

    on Dec 18, 14 • in Billing, Billing Driven Opportunities, Digital Content, Payments, Slider • with No Comments

    Google plays well with direct operator billing

    When you hear the name Google, many things come to mind. It could be the ubiquitous search engine, Android mobile phones, cloud applications and services or even that less-than-stellar movie The Internship. And now you can add direct operator billing to the list of terms associated with the behemoth tech company. Yes, Google is making it a point to sign up operators en masse and pass along the many benefits of this billing model to customers. Why you ask? Could it be out of the kindness of Google’s heart? What’s more likely is with the

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  • Advertising: Facebook vs Apple

    on Dec 9, 14 • in Beyond Billing, Digital Content, Opinion, Slider • with No Comments

    Advertising: Facebook vs Apple

    In the increasingly tense struggle to get the advertising model right, Apple and Facebook – amongst others – are at each other’s throats. Reminiscent of the Kroes vs Vodafone battle (quote of the year –“Vodafone aren’t against roaming alliances. They just want a monopoly on them.”) here is the story so far… Apple CEO Tim Cook said that companies with built-in advertising as a business model are treating their customers like products. He included social media sites in his statement. He followed this up with a note while explaining Apple’s privacy policy by saying that

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  • The fall and rise of advertising

    on Nov 10, 14 • in Analytics, Beyond Billing, Digital Content, Slider • with No Comments

    The fall and rise of advertising

    Like many things – billing for example – the future of advertising lies in its death. Or at least the death of the traditional model. While the communications industry knows that bombarding customers with offers and ‘in your face’ advertising will make them switch off, it is worth looking at what the advertising industry itself is doing to keep advertising compelling. The fundamental of good advertising now is engagement. Advertising and content go hand in hand, one must become the other and many channels and techniques must be used. With the emergence of data that

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  • Facebook, Deezer, Tripadvisor – what’s in it for them?

    on Oct 28, 14 • in Analytics, CEM, Digital Content, Slider • with 1 Comment

    Facebook, Deezer, Tripadvisor – what’s in it for them?

    The newly christened Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are all keen to partner with telcos. Telcos now see the advantage – they are driving traffic – but what is in it for the DSPs? The answer will vary slightly, but all see the partnerships driving the sophistication and personalisation of their products. As far as Facebook is concerned, “networks have spectrum.” With spectrum (and knowledge) can come great things. The combined knowledge of Facebook and Tripadvisor and telcos will enable true personalisation. Together, this knowledge can be used to reduce churn, increase loyalty, develop products and,

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  • The great television unbundling of 2014

    on Oct 27, 14 • in Digital Content, News, Slider • with No Comments

    The great television unbundling of 2014

    For years, cable and satellite customers have been grumbling and complaining about getting dozens – and now hundreds – of channels, but there’s never anything good on. Wouldn’t it be great if we only received channels we actually watched and didn’t have to pay for the rest? It looks like we’re taking a small baby step in that direction with announcements that both HBO and CBS will be offering streaming-only services for their content. HBO was first to announce that customers will no longer require a traditional subscription to take advantage of its HBO

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  • Managing the new partnership eco system

    on Oct 24, 14 • in Billing, Digital Content, Policy Management, Slider • with No Comments

    Managing the new partnership eco system

    We are now convinced of two things. The first is that without the players formerly known as Over the Top players – now called Digital Service Providers (DSPs) – operators will become, at best, smart pipes. The second is that the race now beginning in the main arena is to deliver context, properly. BillingViews (BV) recently caught up with old friend Andy Tiller (AT) of AsiaInfo and decided to ‘pick his brain’ on the subject. BV: Andy, good to see you here at the IIR pricing event. Is the subject of context something you are

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